If you really value to have light beer everyday, you ought to have the best kegerator at your home. This particular unit is extremely handy and convenient to distribute any of your preferred beers. You can also lease this device, especially when you would like to arrange any kind of parties or events in your home There are a number of types of gadgets or kegerators that are available in the market these days. As you know that different kegerator units of different companies have their own specific features. So here you can overview and compare their functions now. Before going to buy any one of them you need to make sure that you have selected the best kegerator unit with complete add-ons and advanced features, This is how you can get almost all benefits from your preferred unit.

Edgestar Full Size Dual Tap Stainless Steel Wine Dispenser

EdgeStar Ultra Low Temperature Full Size Kegerator & Keg Beer Cooler (KC2000) would be a wise choice for a home or even a commercial fermenting system in order to serve chilly draft light beer. It seems perfect for seasoned light beer lovers who are actually searching for a reliable kegerator. If you are starting out your setup for distributing beer or any other related thing, you should opt for this Edgestar kegerator unit. The EdgeStar full sized kegerator is excellently significant, combining a designed that fits as a refrigerator with commercial-grade, NSF-approved beer and air lines. All the beer components are high-quality parts that include a Domestic “D” coupler, CO2 regulator, stainless steel draft tower with faucet, beer and gas line and a new aluminum CO2 tank.



The actual EdgeStar large kegerator is a superb, and useful unit designed to fit refrigerator along with commercial set. This unit is also featured with NSF-approved beer as well as air outlines.

All the light beer ingredients tend to be of high-quality components that include stainless-steel draft system with tap, the Domestic “D” coupler, CARBON DIOXIDE regulator, beer as well as gas line and a brand new aluminum CARBON DIOXIDE empty tank.

EdgeStar full size kegerators are accomplished with the feature of adjusting temperatures within the low 30s, that feature actually makes them the coldest kegerators in the market. Whether red or white, wine will be distributed at the best suitable serving temperature.

This particular drink dispenser includes a long-lasting manufacturing, reflective style and all wines certified elements. All sharing out components tend to be wine-certified such as the barrier tubes that stops oxygenation and there are also the 304 stainless-steel controlled pipes which prevents the change of flavor and taste.

The ground of the cupboard is strengthened with durable stainless steel, therefore the loading as well as unloading associated with wine kegs won’t damage the interior of the unit.

Transforming this wines keg dispenser to a light beer keg dispenser is not as much complicated. You just need to replace the current container valve or even switch the actual tank by itself to a CARBON DIOXIDE tank and you are ready to distribute beer.


EdgeStar full size kegerator can not be used outside. This is limited for indoor use only.

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Beer Meister single tower with stainless door kegerator- Value Line

If you are seriously searching for something to keep your light beer cold at an exceptional level, then the Beer Meister worth series is actually loaded with advanced functions. This keg unit will deal with a full 16 gallon keg. Beer Meister models will work when others units have stopped working. You will really get whatever you pay for. The beer dispenser of this kegerator adjusts to 32 degrees.

door kegerator- Value Line


The actual Beer Meister significant collection is designed with the features and can hold upto a complete 16 gallon keg. With the top mounted electric temperature adjustment with glowing blue LED display, you can understand in which temperature, your keg is currently being stored.

This unit obtains a 3 inch stainless-steel tower, double gauge regulator and a 5lb aluminum Carbon Dioxide tank. Especially manufactured for indoor activities and events.

This kegerator would be a perfect selection for indoor use like parties and gatherings. The use of this kegerator unit generates low cost bill when you compare with the entire market of best kegerators.

Additionally, it is based with the feature of auto defrost that highly supports the adjustable temperature. Constructed with digital thermostat with one year warranty and two years warranty for the compressor.


This kegerators series don’t have a few of the advanced features that enlist it in next level units, they may be capable of achieving temperature within the mid 30’s.

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Kegco K309SS-3HB Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator Stainless Steel Door

The Kegco K309SS-3HB Triple Tap Homebrew Kegerator is available in the market with stainless steel door. That looks really beautiful and fits to any environment. You can find a best kegerator unit with electronic functionality along with a wider accessible temperature variety.

Kegco K309SS-3HB


This kegerator is big in size to keep 3 to 5 gallon homebrew golf ball lock cornelius kegs. This unit comes with all of the essential beer gear to distribute them. This particular keg beer dispenser is made for freestanding programs and it’s dark matte cupboard and door can suits to any interior or with any decoration.

The K309SS has based on all the features which are highly considerable if compare with top quality Kegco versions. Its appealing look, the removable pre-installed drip tray that is simple to clean makes it more prominent in its industry. It includes the chrome guardrail that stops glasses through sliding from the top and simple rolling casters.

Now, along with it’s electronic temperature setting, you have the ability to see your specific temperature setting and set it conveniently by pressing a button. In addition it allows a wider temperature range for more accurate control over temperature.

It was not easy to set as well as to substantiate the inner temperature from the kegerator. You can simply push the upward or straight down button to modify the temperature by 1 degree. The actual display of this unit could be set to Fahrenheit or even Celsius according to your own comfort.

The K309 offers Fan-Forced cool system, providing it the coldest temperature that is incompatible of any beer dispenser available these days. It helps to cool the environment throughout the device to distribute ice chilly beer.

The unit’s actual deepcool function enables you to immediately drops down the temperature of warm keg through forcing the actual compressor to operate continuously all day and night. Once your keg has met the desired temperature, you just need to press deep chill once again to turn to regular process.

There is another attractive function that includes easy roll casters. It enables you to move kegerator from one place to another. It can be locked to prevent its rolling again unless you want it to move.


You need to purchase a coupler to fit a full size keg that is not included with The Kegco K309SS-3HB Triple Tap Homebrew Kegerator.

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Igloo FRB200C 6 Cubic Feet Beer Kegerator with CO2 Tank and Kit, Stainless Steel

The bear dispenser of the IGLOO 6.0 cu. ft. is considered as one of the best kegerators which are desired for special parties. It can easily manage within your home and it is spacious enough to support 1/2, quarter and mini-barrel kegs.

Igloo FRB200C


The actual dispenser features a capacity associated with 6.0 cu. ft. it is featured with a compressor air conditioning/cooling system that guarantees your drinks stay perfectly chilled to serve. It has been developed in an impressive modern design that offers quick access with a long lasting stainless steel door and also includes a top rail that store glasses and other items

The design and look of this Igloo kegerator is environment friendly. It can also be considered as an energy save unit that also produce low cost electricity bill.

Igloo beer kegerator with CO2 tank offers 1 year warranty. The truth is there are a number of kegerator units in double price although they are based on exactly identical features.

This particular brand helps you to cool the beer at a price you can afford easily. The stainless tends to look nice but the comparison of the dark tower from the stainless steel door is especially awesome.


If you want to install another extra tap on the countertop you would have to buy a different tower and need to drill a hole through the granite, that could be little risky.

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Summit Appliance SBC490 Series Kegerator With Black Door

Along with Summit’s SBC490SSTB Series Kegerator with Stainless-steel Door, you can opt for your preferred draught within the comfort of your home. There is no need to worry about the expenses of paying rents for a pricy kegerator to serve your guests with chill beer. You simply select this unit and buy it for your events and parties and can also easily fit it into your kitchen or party place.

Summit Appliance SBC490


This particular Kegerator may hold upto 1/2, quarter, and mini-kegs. It provides a 2.3kg CARBON DIOXIDE tank that helps the beer to cool fast.  There is a complete tap system also with all the accessories you will need for an ideal dispense.

A digital thermostat enables you to store beer at an ideal serving temperatures while automatic defrost function lessens the load of its maintenance and prevents keg to be frozen.

It is quite simple to convert the actual Kegerator into a refrigerator for all purposes that gives it an additional multifaceted as well as handy appearance. It can be called as an all arounder.

Flexible and movable shelves allow you to manage the inside for adjusting various sized products. This device has a pure black cupboard matched with a fully covered stainless steel door. A blown stainless steel hand towel bar grip with a bent style accomplishes the stylish look.

Durable casters tend to be included to help making the unit movable that helps you to move you unit wherever you want.. With strong construction as well as refined style, the Smt Kegerator adds beauty to each serving.

It is basically designed for freestanding use with an advanced cooling system that can be used even in restaurants, bars and other commercial venues. Its durable rolling casters enable you to make it a portable dispenser. This kegerator unit is actually constructed to meet commercial level.


Summit Kegerator is noisy and doesn’t build with high quality equipment.

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Hold up Capacity

All the units have holding capacity varying from each other such as Beer Meister hold up to 16 gallon kegs, EdgeStar kegerator holds US Standard 1/4 and 1/2 Kegs, Kegco K309SS has capacity for 3 to 5 gallon.

No. of Faucets

All the above mentioned kegerator units have one faucet on their countertop except Kegco K309SS-3HB Triple Faucet Digital Homebrew Kegerator – Stainless Steel Door that is featured with 3 taps.

Cost of Kegerators

All the kegerator units are affordable but Beer Meister and Igloo both are considered as more economical if you talk about electricity bills.


If we focus on the number of taps every kegerator has then Kegco would be the best choice as it has three taps on its top. On the other hand if we talk about the affordability then Igloo and Beer Meister are equally good for you if you really want to have one.

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