What is a Mini Kegerator or Portable Keg Cooler? Mini keg coolers are exactly what you would expect them to be. They are smaller versions of kegerators and are commonly used at home or during small get-togethers. These devices are used to keep mini kegs cold for optimal draft beer dispensing.

Mini kegs, also known as Bubbas, typically hold 1.5 gallons or 5 liters of beer. This is equivalent to just over 10 pints of beer.

Mini kegerators are a great option for those that do not want to splurge on buying a big kegerator. Having one is a must if you want to keep your mini keg cold and ready for a refreshing pour after a long day at the office.

With a portable kegerator, you don’t have to worry about keeping your beer cold. They are made to keep your beer at a constant and optimal temperature for the perfect glass of draught beer. Their taps also help you pour a perfect pint without getting a glass half full of foam.

Below you will find reviews for some of our favorite mini keg dispensers. These are sure to provide you with the perfect glass of your favourite draught!

EdgeStar Mini Kegerator Refrigerator & Draft Beer Dispenser TBC50S


The EdgeStar 5-Liter Mini Kegerator is an advanced beer dispensing system that uses DraughtKeg™ carbonator pressure technology to deliver a pub-quality pour of beer every time. In addition to being the perfect complement to the Heineken DraughtKeg™, the TBC50S mini kegerator can easily be modified to tap and serve any (non-Heineken) standard size 5-liter keg using the optional CO2 accessory kit.


The TBC50S mini kegerator features electronic temperature controls that preserve the mini keg at your preferred temperature for drinking. And the compact size, lightweight construction and included AC & DC power adapters enable the EdgeStar TBC50S to readily go from the home countertop to a tailgate party or RV application – perfect for the active beer connoisseur.


  • AC and DC compatible with DC adaptor cord included for easy portability
  • Temperature range of between 38 – 54°F
  • Cleaning kit included
  • 1 standard 5L mini keg capacity (Heineken)
  • Vibration-free Peltier thermoelectric cooling system
  • Internal fan-forced air circulation


This EdgeStar product will keep your beer ice cold! The temperature range is between 38 – 54°F. Many beer connoisseurs have said that the perfect temperature for beer is 38°F and the EdgeStar TBC50S does the job perfectly.

It is small and works well as a table top dispenser. It has an electronic temperature control that it will preserve your mini keg at the temperature of your choosing for the optimal drinking experience. As with most kegerators this size, it holds a 5 litre mini keg. The EdgeStar can be converted to serve any type of keg with the purchase of an optional conversion kit. The EdgeStar TBC50S is also fairly portable.

While it works great on your tabletop, the AC and DC power adapters gives you the opportunity to carry it to a tailgate party or on that trip in your RV!

Perfect for any type of beer lover, this mini kegerator will be a hit with your friends and family!


Only accepts Heineken 5 litre draught kegs as standard. This kegerator will work with non-pressurized kegs if you purchase the optional accessory kit (TBC50SKIT).

Most of the negative comments you read about the Edgestar Mini Kegerator is that the customers didn’t know you had to purchase a separate CO2 canister if you’re not using Heineken kegs. If this isn’t a big deal for you, then this mini kegerator will work well for you.

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Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser CB350S-IS

Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer

Store up to two mini-kegs at a time with this unit – your beer drinking experience will be twice as nice! The Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser is practical and convenient with the added benefits of being able to chill glasses or mugs on the storage shelf.

Choose the temperature with ease with the digital temperature control. Hook it up and you’re ready! The Party Pub comes equipped with a CO2 regulator and pressure gauge.


  • Accommodates 2 mini-kegs
  • Compact design for easy portability
  • Glass storage shelf for chilled mugs/glasses
  • Interior LED lighting with ON/OFF switch
  • Exterior digital temperature control display
  • Black and Platinum finish


Bring the party with you wherever you go with the Avanti Portable Party Pub Beer Dispenser. This compact kegerator can accommodate up to two (2) mini-kegs at a time. It features interior LED lighting with an on/off switch, a glass storage shelf to chill mugs or glasses, and a stylish draught style handle and tap for convenient pouring.

In addition, this fun, party-promoting unit also boasts digital temperature control for easy temperature regulation and a safety latch to ensure the door stays closed while you’re dispensing your brew of choice. Plus, it also has a see-through window to showcase your keg. With the Avanti Portable Party Pub in your possession, you won’t ever have to ask where the party’s at ever again!


The draft tube to the front of the unit is small in diameter. It takes about a minute or so to fill a standard pint glass. This isn’t a deal breaker, but when there’s a group of thirsty people lined up for a refreshing pint, the slow pour time is frustrating. The unit looks sharp, but on closer inspection, chrome parts turn out to be shiny plastic and the unit overall has a bit of a cheap feel.

The unit is noisy enough to be distracting when it kicks in during a movie. There have been regular complaints that the O-ring seal on the attachment-nut piece is cheap, and will not properly seal the cartridge.

Overall this unit will perform as advertised, just don’t expect to be blown away.

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Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegorator

Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegorator

Great for serving even the thirstiest crowd, the Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser keeps the beer flowing and the good times rolling. The attractive, sleek black door and cabinet embellish the exterior of the kegerator, while the top of the unit is highlighted by a chrome-plated tap.

Beneath the unit are rolling casters that lock, giving the unit excellent mobility. Find your perfect pour of brew by using the simple CO2 and PSI monitoring controls, and tweaking the adjustable thermostat. With the Kegorator Draft Beer Dispenser, add a unique element to backyard barbecues, garage hangouts, recreation rooms, or simply relaxing at home.


  • Spring-loaded tap for easy pull and release dispensing
  • Includes one American Sankey “D” Double Tap System
  • Double meter regulator
  • 5 lb. CO2 tank
  • 13” black beer tap tower and chrome guardrail
  • Stainless steel removable drip tray
  • 1 large wire shelf
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Casters for easy mobility


The Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge dispenses beer quickly and easily. It keeps a keg on tap and cold whenever you need it, making it a good choice for parties, cookouts and almost any get-together with family and friends.

It works well for times when you are serving a crowd. Swivel casters make the Nostalgia Electrics Kegorator beer keg fridge in black mobile enough to move around the clubhouse, pool area or anywhere else that you want to get the party started.

The included long-lasting C02 bottle is good for about four 15-gallon kegs. This beer dispenser features a semi-gloss tap tower with a spring-loaded top-mounted tapper to make pouring a breeze. A chrome guard rail and drip tray finishes the look of the durable counter and gives the Nostalgia Electrics KRS2100 Kegorator Beer Keg Fridge a sleek and modern look that works well in any setting.


This unit comes with cheap and often faulty CO2 regulators. The stock 3 ft. quarter of an inch beer line is small. The instructions are complicated – depending on your mechanical know how, you might have to rely upon your Internet buddies to put this unit together.

Nostalgia Electrics specializes in ultra-low-end products. Tiny margins don’t usually equate to great support.  Temperature complaints are common. Some reviews claims these units will only make it to the upper 40s while others say it will make it to the mid-30s. It isn’t big enough to hold the 17″ 1/4 barrel kegs from Miller Coors.

The KRS2100 ships with a 2.5 pound CO2 tank. While sufficient to dispense 2 -4 half barrel, a 5 pound CO2 tank is a much better investment in the long run. There is only a 90 day warranty on parts and labor. Better units come with 1 year warranties.

The units’ lack of an energy star certification means it won’t qualify for any energy efficiency rebates.

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Krups and Heineken B100 Beertender With Heineken Draught Keg Technolo

Heineken B100 Beertender

The Krups mini kegerator is used exclusively with Heineken and Newcastle Brown Ale kegs. Beautifully designed with black and chrome finishings, the B100 Beertender will look great on your bar.

The Krups and Heineken B100 Beertender has a lot of great qualities. It comes with a drip tray that is removable, ensuring that your countertop or other surface is kept clean after pouring beer. The Peltier cooling system and LED temperature indicator ensures your beer is at the perfect temperature for drinking. Krups also gives you a 2 year worldwide warranty on this unit.

If Heineken or Newcastle is your drink of choice, this the kegerator for you!


  • Maintains beer at the ideal temperature of 37.4°F
  • Engineered to work exclusively with Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale
  • Ultra-quiet and efficient Peltier cooling system provides constant and consistent cooling of the keg
  • DraughtKeg and Beertender keep beer fresh for 30 days after tapping
  • LED temperature indicator
  • Large removable drip tray
  • 5 draught tubes included
  • 2 year worldwide warranty


Krups, part of the worldwide leader group of small appliances, and Heineken, the leader in European Premium Imported Beer, have partnered together to create the ultimate at home draught beer experience. The KRUPS B100 BeerTender technology is compatible with the Heineken DraughtKeg system which utilizes an internal carbonator pressure unit.

With 25 patented components, the Heineken DraughtKeg unit releases Co2 every time the tap is opened, ensuring the beer remains fresh for up to 30 days and allows for a crisp quality beer with Heinekens’ signature head of foam and trademark “bite”. The KRUPS BeerTender Peltier silent cooling system provides constant and consistent cooling of the 5L Heineken DraughtKeg and will keep it at the ideal temperature of 37.4°F.

Easy to operate, just run the keg’s plastic tube to the KRUPS BeerTender tap and you’re done. It’s that simple. Inserting a keg takes less than 15-seconds. The KRUPS BeerTender has an LED display temperature indicator. It features an authentic tap, a detachable draw spout and a removable tray for easy cleaning. The unit comes with 5 disposable draught keg tubes.


This model is only compatible with the Heineken DraughtKeg system: Heineken, Heineken Premium Light and Newcastle Brown Ale. Conversion isn’t possible.

The price is also a bit higher than some of its competitors, but the main reason is that they don’t have an internal CO2 system like the B100 does.

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The Verdict

Mini kegerators are a great option for those that do not want to splurge on buying a big kegerator. Having one is a must have if you want to keep your mini keg cold and ready for a refreshing pour.

The Krups and Heineken B100 Beertender is a reliable purchase with great aftercare service and an assurance of reliability. However, the Edgestar Mini Kegerator TBC50S, although slightly more expensive, may be the more versatile choice. The Edgestar gives you the opportunity to purchase and install a conversion system to the kegerator which will enable you to drink beer other than purely Heineken or Newcastle.

All the mini kegerators should enhance the taste and flavour of the beer. Purchasing a mini kegerator, if you’re a beer lover, is an investment in taste and quality. Your friends will love coming over for a cold one with your brand new mini kegerator complimenting your home!

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