You might have a wine cooler stashed in the basement or you might have some of your favorite wines with no proper place to keep them. There is a great option for you to put all your wines on display. A wine rack will add to the decor in your home.


Having a proper wine rack in your home is a fantastic option if you don’t have the budget available for a wine cooler. When buying a wine rack you would need to look at a few important factors for example how many bottles of wine would you like to store and where will you be keeping your wine rack or cabinet. Also very important to this would be if you have a bar the wine rack or cabinet that you buy will need to suit the bar that you already have. Here are a few fantastic options to look at to help guide you when purchasing a wine rack.

Wine Racks America® Ponderosa Pine 24 Bottle Mini Scallop. 13 Stains to Choose From!

This option is for those that are looking to store up to 24 bottles of wine, this rack is reasonably prices and the gorgeous wood will make a gorgeous footprint on your decor. It is a space saving rack that won’t use up more space than it should. This option would go really well with the Coaster Traditional Cherry Finish Bar Unit w/Wine Rack Sink Drawers. Here are a few pros and cons for this product.

Ponderosa Pine 24 Bottle Mini Scallop


It comes in 13 different stains so you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to the color of your wine rack. The units are stackable so you can stack them how you would like them and there are convenient handles on each stack, these racks will be incredibly easy to move around. The material that it is built with is durable and strong. The product assembles in minutes and all that is required is a screwdriver. The racks are designed with the idea of seamlessly linking them together which makes it simple and convenient. A product proudly made in the USA with a lifetime guarantee.


Some people have various reasons for not liking this product, it seems that the rounded design is not for everyone. There are also no cooling function on this wine rack but all in all it is a fantastic product.

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Mango Steam 32 Bottle Wine Rack with Glass Table Top, Black

This rack is fantastic for any home, you can put it anywhere and proudly show off your wine collection. It looks retro but also modern and will fit in anywhere. It is meant for the person with a metro or urban lifestyle. There is quite a bit of space to store your precious bottles in and to top it off you might want to purchase the Home Styles Model 5003-99 Black and Oak Finish Americana Bar. Here are a few pros and cons when purchasing this awesome product.

Mango Steam 32


This wine rack comes with a glass top that will make your wine tasting experience a very pleasant one. There is space for 32 bottles in this rack which means you can have a good collection on display, it is a durable wine rack made with steel and will last a very long time. The rack also come with floor stabilizers which means it will be stable when placed on the floor.


A lot of buyers say that the wine rack has the appearance of a crate and that it is too short and doesn’t really cater for their wine storage needs. There is also no cooling mechanism on this wine rack but considering the price it is a good deal.
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J.K. Adams Ash Wood 40-Bottle Wine Rack, Natural

This is the ideal wine rack if you have a large collection and a small space to store it in. The price is still reasonable but it is ideal for small spaces. The great benefit is you can modify this wine rack to the space you have available. This rack will go well with the Coaster Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar Unit with Wine Rack, Deep Cappuccino Finish. Here are a few pros and cons for this product.

J.K. Adams Ash Wood


This wine rack is completely adjustable. You can decide how you would want it to look in order to fit the space that you have available in other words there is no standard shape here. It is a natural finish with wood that will look fantastic anywhere. It is handmade in the USA and comes with a guarantee.


A lot of existing buyers state that they don’t like the adjustable shape as it means they have less storage available for their wines. There are also a few negative reviews that found the alignment of the unit is off and it doesn’t quite allow them to store the 40 bottles.
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The Winsome Wood Wine Cabinet with Glass Door, Espresso

In the spirit of purchasing wine racks you might want to go for a more exclusive and elegant product which is this gorgeous and stylish wooden wine cabinet. You will be spending a slight bit extra and it only holds 16 bottles but you will be able to store your favorite and most precious wines in this exclusive cabinet. This item will go really well with the Coaster Contemporary Style Solid Wood Bar Unit with Wine Rack, Deep Cappuccino Finish. Here are a few pros and cons with this product.

Winsome Wood Wine Cabinet


It’s beautiful and stylish and will compliment any space that you choose to keep it in. It has a beautiful glass door to keep your most precious wines secure and safe. There is an additional glass rack that will hold up to 12 long stem glasses in it. It is made with beautiful espresso colored wood ensuring everyone will love it.


It is pricier than other wine racks and can only hold 16 bottles of wine. This is the main reason why it wouldn’t be the ideal fit for everyone. It is also a bit smaller than other wine racks which could mean that it might not feature as well in your home or bar.
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Joveco Black Iron and Walnut Rectangular Wood Top Wine Rack End Table

A wine rack with a difference, this rack will give you a totally different feel and design in your home. With a beautiful and creative design this is just a fantastic way to show off your wine collection. You will definitely not find something like this in everyone’s homes. If decor is what you are after this should be the choice you make. This is the ideal addition to the Coaster Contemporary Bar Black in Finish. Here are a few pros and cons for this product.

Joveco Black Iron and Walnut Rectangular


It is a stylish side table and a wine rack, what is better than that? The wooden table top is darkened and distressed finished for extra protection. Your wine bottles will slide through decorative circles and look fantastic on display. The product is made of fine iron and wood and yes, nothing would look as decorative as this in your house. You can buy more than one to cater for more storage space.


People that have purchased the product said that they loved the design but found that when they put the bottles away in the circle designed holes some of the bottles fell through and broke. It is also a bit of a tricky one to assemble and needs to be done carefully.
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Winsome Ancona Wine Cabinet with Glass Rack

Yet another beautiful addition to any wine lover’s collection this cabinet will give you ample space and also the additional space you would need for you wine glasses. This cabinet a beautiful and elegant wood finish that will fit into any type of decor. Here are a few pros and cons on this product

Joveco Black Iron and Walnut Rectangular


The price is reasonable considering you can store up to 20 bottles of wine in this cabinet and 12 glasses. The beautiful espresso colored wood will look good with anything in your home and the design will fit anywhere. It is a compact yet sturdy wine cabinet that will give the new wine collector exactly what he needs to show off his precious wine collection


This wine cabinet doesn’t have any glass door to cover and protect the wines which is offered by most other cabinets and it is a bit large if you just want to add it on to your existing bar in your home. The shape comes forth as a bit blocky to some of the people that bought the product and they also say that you cannot see your wine labels as clearly and  as you would with other open wine racks.

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Purchasing a wine rack should take careful consideration and thinking as with anything else that you decide to buy. After looking at these reviews I found that there are quite a few things that need to be considered when purchasing a wine rack. For example your wine bottles need to be stored horizontal at all times in order to keep the wine settled and I turn keep the taste and flavor. You also need a good and stable wine rack in order to keep your bottles safe. One of your little ones could run past it and you really don’t want the nasty spill of all your wine on the floor. You can also invest in a wine cooler but these bad boys are pretty expensive so if you do purchase a wine rack you need to keep it in a cool and dry location.  The biggest thing to remember is that if you are looking for a modern look buy  a steel rack and if you are going for the elegant look select a wooden rack. If you are serious about collecting wines you might want to invest in a rack that holds more than 100 bottles because you will be storing your wine for more than a certain period of time and the wines need to be undisturbed.

The best place to keep your wine racks is in the cellar or basement because it provides your wines with the right temperature which is cool and dry. Storing your wines on top of the fridge in the kitchen isn’t ideal and wouldn’t give you the best quality when you finally decide to open that 10 year old wine. If you do decide to buy a wooden wine rack you can decide to buy the less expensive material which is pine or go for the more expensive options for example oak, walnut, cherry, western red, cedar or mahogany. There are so many types to choose from depending on what you are willing to spend at the end of the day. The best thing to do is see how serious you are about wine collecting, chat to a few experts and find out what would be best for your needs.

If you are signed up with a monthly wine club you would like to have sufficient space to store your collection. Also read up on reviews that other wine collectors have posted. This will give you a clear picture of what to expect from the products that you select or that you are thinking of buying. First and foremost decide how much you are willing to spend on the wine rack of your choice. There are people out there that have been collecting wines forever and they would be able to tell you what to look for when it comes to the right and suitable wine rack. Also visit a few selective and boutique wine farms for some excellent tips with your wine rack shopping spree. These people can also provide you with advice on your wines and how you need to treat and store them. There is nothing wrong with learning and asking questions before having buyer’s remorse.

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4. Winsome Wood Wine Cabinet $$$
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6.Winsome Ancona$$

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